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Subsidiary and affiliated companies

In addition to priority investment activities, the MPEA Company also covers subsidiaries and affiliates.

  • Affiliated companies

  • Affiliated companies

    STONEBRIDGE CAPITAL Da Vinci, s.r.o.
  • Affiliated companies

  • Subsidiary companies

  • Subsidiary companies

  • Projekts

  • Affiliated companies




MPEA is a holding type stock investment company that covers all activities of our company. It is focused on different market segments. The priority is diversification and appreciation of the value of portfolio companies and providing services to clients and customers.

By creating attractive investment projects we are trying to efficiently recover capital for shareholders, investors and clients and strengthen market position.

The company takes advantage of many years of management experience in capital markets, banking and property development by using its own know how.  Our purpose is to look for new and interesting investment projects and start-ups. We actively support science and research in new technologies and systems.

  • History

    The foundation of MPEA was a natural step in the evolution of the strategic objectives of its shareholders who from years of experience in capital markets considered the creation of joint-stock holding company a necessary step for further expansion of the portfolio, easier penetration into other markets and the participation of new investors.

    After establishing MPEA, the subsidiaries and affiliates passed under the administration of the holding company, as well as separate projects. To combine all activities under one roof it has produced a synergistic effect for efficient management and resource allocation.



    • To transform ourselves from a  local to a European company
    • To become a leading player on the market
    • To create a strong brand exclusivity
    • To become a popular employer in the region and to share our personal fulfillment from what we do with our employees and collaborators











    • To generate values through our activities which are important to society and to support development through a variety of socially beneficial activities. (sport, culture, art)
    • To share success with employees and co-workers, support their personal and professional growth - to train leaders and professionals
    • We vow to bear a social and public responsibility, we share problems of the society, we want to contribute to a better future.









    We in MPEA are setting our goals high. From long-term point of view we are creating a successful company with a stable position on the market in Central and Eastern Europe.

    • To increase and protect shareholders assets
    • To create a motivating work environment for employees and co-workers
    • To meet demand and customer expectations
    • To be a reliable and dependable partner for long-term business
    • To increase the value of portfolio companies and strengthen the position on the market
    • To create and search new investment opportunities



The company focuses its activities first of all on IT and investment services using Hedge Funds. We are extending our activities with new Private Equity projects in different segments of the market.


In IT business we are looking for innovative start-up projects, we are supporting scientific research and development of new technologies.

The company monitors the development of new trends and it is the sector where the company suspects potential for long-term growth. Concurrently, by appropriate portfolio diversification the company intends to ensure its long-term competitiveness.

If you are interested in mutual cooperation, please, contact us via mail at : info@mpeagroup.com

Company values

1. Partnership

We believe that only a partnership based on trust and honor is a real value.

Following a Code of Ethics is one of the most important factors how a company can show its moral strength.

We are developing a long-lasting and powerful partnership.

2. People

The dominating value of MPEA company are  our clients and employees.

We are creating a motivating work environment for our employees and co-workers, supporting their personal and professional growth and we are also sharing success and satisfaction of our work and achievements with them.

We respect the customer´s needs and therefore we guarantee an individual approach to every customer and good relationships.

3. Professionalism

We insist on proficiency in managing, goal-oriented leadership and highly effective top management.

We focus on individual approach to our clients, customers and business partners, we understand their needs and expectations.

We provide a complete service and support.

4. Progress

We always set up high goals for the future.

We are aware of that time is the key to success.

We know that we can succeed and make progress in a competitive environment by creating an innovative approach and by filling the gaps in market.

Strengthen a position on the market and build a company with strong business name.

5. Code of Ethics

We insist on following the ethical principles and core values.

The MPEA company´s Code of Ethics is obligatory for all the employees and co-workers also in subsidiary and affiliated companies.

This document outlines the values, standards, goals and mission of the company. Its aim is to ensure building good relationships with partners and clients of MPEA.

What are we looking for?


MPEA is constantly extending its portfolio and seeking new investment opportunities. We can help to develop agile investment projects with different capital intensity that have the necessary know-how and which are aware of their own competitive advantage.

We are ready to participate in innovative startups and companies in early stages of their development, we can offer our experiences in management and ensure the capital structure for your business.

  • Startup projects and companies in early stages of their development.
  • Innovative IT projects.
  • Scientific studies of new technologies.
  • Restructuring and revitalization.
  • Buying and selling companies.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Private Equity and Real Estate projects.

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